Program Overview

Is it possible for organizations to help their workforce achieve a more balanced, overall state of personal well-being in these demanding, competitive, pushing-and-shoving times? Without a doubt and the payback is substantial.

Presented with passion and humor, makingme1st is a practical, systematic, common sense, and profound approach to self-investment. The program is not based on untried theory or gimmicks, but rather on the Founder of makingme1st, Raj Kapur’s, personal life story and his experiences with business professionals, leaders, and enterprises spanning more than twenty industries. He believes in the program because he has seen the benefits in his own life and in the lives of those he coaches.

The makingme1st philosophy is rooted in the belief that individually and organizationally we can put ourselves in a position to succeed, and it begins with a healthy approach to placing ourselves first.

A good analogy is the airlines’ instructions for handling a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Adults are taught to put on their oxygen masks before they give a mask to a child. If you don’t save yourself first, you will not be able to take care of anyone else!

Well-Planned Self-Investment

Achieving complete and integrated well-being requires careful attention to the essential elements of our lives: physical, spiritual, emotional, career, relationships, and personal finances. That is exactly what the makingme1st program delivers.

The makingme1st program consists of a combination of face-to-face workshops blended with virtual coaching sessions designed to deliver the knowledge and to build the skills for healthy living. Makingme1st also empowers participants to leverage the many wellness and fitness resources typically sponsored by their organization which are often under utilized.

Listen to an introduction to makingme1st by clicking here.

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