Workshop Series


Workshop 1: One Day

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Workshop 2: One Day

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Workshop 3: One Day


  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Team Members
  • Individual Contributors
  • Administrative

  • Classroom Delivery

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The makingme1st program begins with a one-day interactive workshop that is not only stimulating, but fun! During the workshop, the Founder Raj Kapur, shares his personal story of growing up as a “chubby kid” with low self-esteem and then moving on to becoming a certified fitness trainer, entrepreneur, management consultant, educator, and executive coach. He guides you through an interactive and dynamic process during which you learn the vision, techniques, and tools to accomplish makingme1st.

Lasting personal change takes time, and makingme1st provides the vision and proven tools needed to chart a new course. The program challenges you to practice what you learn, and adopt it into your lifestyle. Makingme1st also empowers you to leverage the many wellness and fitness resources made available by your organization, which are often underutilized!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify a holistic perspective for assessing personal wellness
  • Define your vision for living and contributing your best
  • Understand how to practice healthy selfishness
  • Learn how to recognize the fallacy of control
  • Learn the 6 imperatives to plan, practice and achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn how and why to avoid short cuts to a healthy life
  • Learn the importance of productively disrupting your life
  • Understand investing ‘vs’ transacting your way through life
  • Understand the power your words have on your potential
  • Learn strategies for living a nutritionally fit life
  • Learn strategies for living an active life
  • Learn how to avoid progressive regression
  • Learn how to get out of your own way

The makingme1st program gives you the insight and practical strategies needed to strengthen yourself first so that you can experience greater personal well-being and deliver your best at work and at home. Set yourself on a path toward a healthy life by being a part of makingme1st. It is a first step to a whole new you, new team, and new organization.

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