Makingme1st serves organizational and individual needs. We strive to bring tremendous value to our lasting client relationships, and we look forward to you joining the makingme1st family!

“….The core philosophy of makingme1st, and the tools and techniques that are a part of the program challenge me to view a healthy life in broad terms. Raj has facilitated me in taking inventory of many more aspects of my life than my initial focus that brought me to the program. As an owner, leader and operator of a very demanding business, and one who lives a busy family life, makingme1st is a process and a choice I believe in. I highly recommend organizations and individuals engage makingme1st.”
Scott Sniffin, Owner & General Manager

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“….I’ve worked with Mr. Raj Kapur for close to 10 years on a variety of change management endeavors of both a personal and professional nature and can endorse his experience, approach, and effectiveness…. as an executive coach and mentor….. His focus on total wellness – the Making Me 1st philosophy – was instrumental to helping me recognize the importance of self-investment. Our discussions centered on achieving balance between career and family, with specific emphasis on physical, emotional, and interpersonal well-being through a process of introspection and reflection. To this day, I continue to reach out to Raj periodically to check-in and solicit his counsel.”
Scott Drumm, Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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“The impact of makingme1st has nothing but positive results. I found that taking care of “me” enabled me to represent myself differently in the work place and in my personal life. A quiet confidence emerged. The ability to focus on being a more present employee, colleague, mother, sister, and friend was achieved because I was able to get “my stuff” out of the way of my relationships. I became a driver in my own life. Rewards for makingme1st far exceed what I can describe in words. The intrinsic value is priceless. Increased energy (both mentally and physically), transference of positivity, and a feeling of empowerment are just a few of the results stemming from makingme1st. I feel like I am achieving a balanced life now.”

Melynda Kassis

“Raj is really fantastic to work with! His honest approach gets to the heart of issues quickly and accurately. Before meeting Raj, I was killing myself working 80-100 hour weeks and getting nowhere. I was unhappy, fed up, and worn out. Raj worked with me to help me re-frame my approach to both my relationship and running my business. His insights into both were really eye-opening. After our work together I embraced a fresh perspective on my career, which has had significant impact on my company, my time, and my professional enthusiasm. Raj’s coaching left me feeling more empowered and capable of welcoming changes that I hadn’t previously considered. During our work together he taught me how to practice healthy selfishness, and it has brought a welcomed sense of balance into my life.”

Renee Scott

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