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Hello and welcome to makingme1st. Our mission is simple: We are dedicated to partnering with our clients and delivering an innovative wellness solution that supports, teaches and motivates our clients to live their best at work and at home.

Is it possible for organizations to enable their workforce to achieve a more balanced, overall state of personal well-being in these demanding, competitive, pushing-and-shoving times? With belief and passion we say yes, and the payback is substantial.

To achieve well-being we believe it is important to attend to the essential elements of our lives: physical, spiritual, emotional, career, relationships, and personal finances. That is exactly what the makingme1st program delivers.

The makingme1st program sparks insight and delivers practical strategies busy professionals need to strengthen themselves first so they can experience greater personal well-being and deliver their best. Set your team on a path toward a healthier life by being a part of makingme1st. It is a key step toward a new team and new organization.

Welcome to the makingme1st family. Raj Kapur, Founder.